About Me


My mission is to help you build your analytical and programming skills so that you can find your first job or improve your career.

You may be wondering how I can help you do that, since there’s already a bunch of resources available online, and some are even free. Let me give you a little bit of context.

  • I started programming at age 12, using languages from C to mIRC, to VB, and more.
    • I created several small applications using C and VB
    • Created websites and web services from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
  • I completed my bachelor degree in Mathematics with profile in actuarial sciences.
    • Learned to program in R, Python, specifically for data analysis/science
    • Solid math foundation in topics such as calculus, linear algebra
    • Solid statistics foundation in probability, statistical methods such as linear regression
  • I soon found my first job as an inventory analyst and learned more about business.
    • Performed various analyses on service level, growth, gmroi, restocking policies, shipping policies.
    • Transformed my knowledge of SQL in a concrete skill, and soon coaching my colleagues on how to use it instead of Excel
    • Used Python to automate my job and got a promotion as a business analyst to perform analyses on all areas of the business
  • A couple of years after became a Senior Data Analyst.
    • Used tools such as Python, R, SQL, spark, hadoop, to derive insights from data
    • Created and maintained machine learning models such as LTV and personas
    • Considered the go to person for everything data in my team

I learned a lot through that process, whether it’s about business, programming, performing sound analyses, and even about myself.

But what is – and always has been – my biggest advantage is my learning process.

I always found that knowledge is useless in a business context if it’s not applicable. And how do we call applicable knowledge? Skills.

I always focused on developing skills first, and so through the process I had to dumb down the concepts I was learning, and try to break those concepts with trial an error.

That way of learning and doing things made me a very good analyst, but an even better teacher. I started to notice that my colleagues were learning a lot from me, just by the way I was explaining them complicated concepts. It is way faster for them to learn from me than to waste hours online to understand the same thing by themselves.

And so, finally, I created this website to put my teaching skills at your disposition. Enjoy 🙂